Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game Enhancers

We are so excited about our new game and have come up with a few things to help you on your journey to find The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.

Below you will find a full list and explanation of Artifacts of the Inca Gacha Set and the two stand-alone items you see set for sale.

IncaArtifactsGacha 1024

MadPea Artifacts of the Inca Gacha Set

Are you feeling lucky? We have packed a gacha machine full of all kinds of mysterious Inca artifacts, vessels, instruments and even creatures!

While you can use them all as souvenirs of the adventure, some of them will give you a huge advantage in the game. In fact, some of the items are so powerful that they can be used only once before the magic wears off and the item disappears. Please make sure to take note of this before you play our Artifacts of the Inca machine.

Some of the gacha items are designed to be used by yourself only – and only once, at that! For that reason, selling your used items is not recommended. Once used, the item cannot be used again, by you or the person to whom you’d hope to sell the item. However, we encourage trading and selling your unused items!

Take a look at the list of what we have:


Tupac the Snake: Don’t worry, Tupac won’t bite you. Wrap him around you and listen closely to what he says as you journey together.

Sinchi the Snail: The wise snails know things, especially Sinchi. He’s the real deal when it comes to premonitions.


Healing Elixir – Priceless! Drink it up when you need it the most, but remember that once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Mystery Potion – To be used in the most extreme situation! It can be used only once and its effect lasts for but a limited time.

Death Whistle – Just whistle while you work… and wait to hear a whistle back to see what happens next..

Ancient Drum – Will you awaken something inside of the caves or will the sound of drumming be a lullaby to evil creatures? Do you dare to find out?

Ancient Spear – Find a place to use it in the caves and be rewarded for your bravery!



Pristine Pot –  Store souvenirs in this gorgeous pot, or just let it sit there and be gorgeous!

Ceremonial Vessel – Drink and be merry! But be careful not to consume the blood dripping from the cup. Unless you’re into that kinda thing!

Golden Inca Bracelet – Don’t let your arm fall limp and plain! Decorate it with this lovely bracelet.

Golden Inca Crown – Surely, after you’ve seen and dueled the creatures within THESE caves, you will have earned this crown!

Golden Owl Ring – No Inca adornment program can be complete without an owl ring! So here is one for those exploring fingers of yours!

Golden Avian Plate – Because when you walk past this wondrous plate mounted proudly on your wall, you’ll be reminded of just why you are fit to be deemed an Inca Warrior!

GameEnhancer Vender Poster 1024


Inchic the Tortoise: Inchic the Tortoise is a helpful land creature ready to guide you along your trek across the grid. Inchic has a 6th sense that she will happily share with you to seek out the magical things you need on your journey.  

Croc Killer 3000X Compound Bow: Did you ever dream of becoming the Slayer of hostile creatures? With Croc Killer 3000X Compound Bow you will rule the Devil’s Cave!

Croc Killer 3000X Compound Bow is a weapon like no other. You can take aim at any number of things, but be warned: arrows don’t kill or break everything you may come across. This helpful piece of equipment can come in very handy as you make your way through the treacherous caves in search of lost treasures.


All items are 100% mesh by MadPea Productions. While some of them give you an advantage in the game, they can all be used on your everyday Second Life travels. (Excluding the Mystery Potion and Healing Elixir that are one time consumable items.)

You will be able to buy the Game Enchancers and play the gacha set in our Game Start  – TBA Sunday August 21st at 12pm SLT.

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