“INCA”: THREE More Treasures from the Inca Caves!

Good afternoon, Peas!

We at MadPea are less than 24 hours shy of officially launching the highly-anticipated “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” game! As we speak, those who purchased Early Access passes are traversing both the eerie caves and story. And tomorrow, as with the Early Access Peas, we hope you will also discover just how “The Devil’s Cave” earned its name!

Until you can do just that, we ourselves have unearthed even more treasure and eagerly share it with you! So far, you’ve seen 12 of the 15 prizes waiting to be claimed by your victorious hands, and now we present the last of those prizes!

If you’ll remember, Legal Insanity crafted the exemplary outfits, bow, quiver and boots that will be included in your HUD package. And, upon your successful completion of the game, you’ll also receive this necklace – yet another fine addition to your Legal Insanity collection thus far:
finalprizereveal legalinsanity

In case you wanted more than one fully amazing outfit for your “Inca” deeds, there happens to be one. Imagine that! And just as with Legal Insanity, this GABRIEL package includes versions for both sexes! If you absolutely HAVE to be drained of your life’s blood by our particularly steadfast leeches, as least you can do so while looking fine! Priorities!

And, finally, no prize reveal is complete without something with which to spruce up your living space! Inti was the Inca culture’s sun god and was considered to be the Incas’ ancestor. Considering such, the sun was held in incredibly high regard. And now, thanks to Mori, you can also have a sun that’s not only worthy of appreciation but also totally worth mounting onto your walls – for worship, of course!
Mori . MadPea sun Add

What a haul! And all you have to do to enjoy it is to survive a trek that kills and/or maims 99.99999% of its participants. Totally doable.

Although you don’t have long to wait, here are some related materials to peruse.

See you tomorrow!

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