“INCA”: The SIX Winners of Our Last Giveaways!

MadPea is truly excited to announce the winners of our final giveaways for the new MadPea game, “The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.” Thanks to every Pea that entered the contests and gave us such exciting things to see and read!


Ampelguenther Resident
photocontest ampel

Egopixel Deed
photocontest ego

Annomis Devaux
photocontest annomis


Avariel Falcon, who is a deity-slaying, spontaneously-combusting ghost unicorn (YES! Really!):

I once got into a fight with a somewhat angry ancient god monster created by an extinct scientific civilization…

It did not go very well, I partially exploded before being somewhat dissolved and then exploded again. Now I am left to wander the streets of New-Babbage as a ghost unicorn.

*ponders that she at least managed to discover what could possibly go wrong*

Worthaboutapig Resident, who, unbeknownst to him at the time, casually mingled with dealers of Peru’s communist militant group, Shining Path:

Some years ago, when visiting Peru, I rented a motorcycle and ventured towards Machu Picchu. It wasn’t my first time there and I mostly avoid guides when I am acquainted with my surroundings. I dislike taking the obvious routes when exploring so my plan was to go through Ocobamba, and after a short time I realized what huge mistake that was. I had to cope with snow, hail, 3.281+ foot abysses, passing through rivers with my bike half-submerged, precarious wobbly bridges that were about the width of someone’s feet. I even encountered some dealers from the Shining Path (Communist Militant group) in Apurimac. Many times I had to stop and take a break, because the situation was dire.
When I finally arrived, I made the decision to enjoy as much as possible and take the easiest way back. No more surprises.

Tauriel Forest Maiden, who channeled a certain pop star, in both lyrics and dance moves, while slaying an Orc! She even attached a video!

“I killed an Orc and I liked it” … just for fun!

It probably goes without saying, but we have some of the best – if not THE best – Peas in the world!

Congratulations, winners! We will promptly add your name to the game vendor. When you’re ready to play, just click it and your shiny, new HUD package shall fall from the sky and into your waiting hands!


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