Art Gacha Opening Party 12noon

The MadPea Art Gacha opens at 12noon and we’ll be partying hard as soon as we swing back the easel doors and let the art lovers in! Come Party with DJ Kess and the MadPea Crew and maybe even some of the artists will be there to mingle! TP TO THE PARTY HERE FROM 12NOONSLT!

Art Gacha Festival Gallery

  Take a sneak look at some of the works you can collect at the MadPea Art Gacha Festival which opens on Friday at 12noon slt!  

Listen to your ART! MadPea Art Gacha!

  What is Art Gacha? Well, ┬áit’s where some of SL’s best artists offer their work through the SL craze of Gachas. Last year, when we first thought of the idea of an Art Gacha we were told it was impossible to sell art via a Gacha Event. PFFT! We said and launched the first…