Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior: Hear what our VIPs said!

Still not sure whether to try our new game, Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior?  Your intrepid correspondent braved the caves to ask some of our early access VIPs what they REALLY thought of their experience.

Thalia Lupindo was one of the first courageous souls venturing into the unknown.  A big Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) fan, she confided that she was impatient to start the game and had her adventure outfit planned from the first day we announced the game.

Inca VIPs - Thalia Lupino

“The Inca game is my absolute fav game ever from MadPea.” – Thalia Lupindo

When asked what she liked best about the game, Thalia said “I liked the exploring best. You need have a look everywhere and it really felt like exploring a real cave,only you sit in your cozy chair in front of your PC. You never know what happens next or what creature bites you in the butt next. Even when I played the old Inca game and already knew what will happen, I always was yelling or screaming at my PC. The best thing is to wear your headphones and darken the room and experience the 100 % feeling you get with it.”

PinkRayne Resident and Trinity Yazimoto are two friends that decided to play the game together.  I asked them if they would recommend playing Inca with friends?  Trinity said “Well we did The Interview 2 together and we enjoyed the cooperation side. Each one of us, bringing something to the solving of the puzzle is really great!  We would definitely recommend playing Inca like that.”
When I asked them what they liked best about the game, they both agreed the storyline, décor and atmosphere were all breathtaking. Trinity said  that it’s “perfect for you to dive into the atmosphere, then add to this the sounds and screams and you will jump from your seat!”

Inca VIPs - PinkRayne  Inca VIPs - Trinity Yazimoto

“Really this is the most amazing game MadPea has ever done in SL !” – Trinity Yazimoto

I then asked Ky Vikas if there was anything we could have done differently.   She said “I like games like The Interview when you get to experience and solve things on your own, but sometimes when there are other people around it can become confusing and you end up with clusters of people waiting….or someone else blows you up heh. I remember the first time I died in 2013 [in the first Inca game].  I got blown up at the wall, then I set down my dynamite and ran in to the bushes as someone dropped in.  All I could do was yell -sorry- from the bushes as it blew them up!”Inca VIPs - Kylara Destiny


“My favorite part was trying to traverse the paths without dying and solving the crystal puzzle!” – Ky Vikas




All of our VIPs loved the support from MadPea staff and players alike. Fellow players provide tips while not spoiling the game and the Crew and ModPeas really try their best to make the experience unforgettable.  Thalia summed up comments from everyone when she observed “You only have to say ‘help’ and they jump!  Best service I ever saw in SL!”

And lastly, I had to ask  if our VIPs had any tips or recommendations for people starting the Inca game?
Thalia suggested playing with friends or family – “Together you are strong and can help each other… or you can just sacrifice them while you run off to glory, lol!”  Trinity and Pink suggested “Be persistent and don’t be discouraged if you die.  Each time you are going to start again you’ll get a little further and it’s fun every time.” Amy Elisabeth Huntress (taffy.littleboots) said “Breathe.  Breathe real slow and take your time cause if you rush it you will die even more than you think possible.”  And Ky offered “I would say stop! Let things load and look at everything before just poking and running in to stuff. Unless you want to die, then by all means run right in to the lava…”

Thank you to all our VIPs who stopped to share their experiences.  Why not come and make some of your own?!


You can find out more here:


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  1. This is the most fun/frustratingly fun/died a million times and keep coming back for more fun game EVER! Now to try to figure out these light crystals! LOL

    Great job you guys!

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