Meet the prize designers: Noodles

When they said to me “blog about noodles” I thought I was going to chow mein heaven.  Little did I understand that they had something EVEN BETTER than tasty Chinese noms in mind!  Yep, I’m talking about Noodles, one of the best jewellery and accessory stores on the Second Life grid.

MadPeas - Noodles exterior

Noodles burst onto the scene in 2012 and they have been going from strength to strength ever since.  They are frequent participants of high-profile shopping events such as Collabor88 and Fameshed, producing high quality and exquisitely detailed pieces for even the most picky fashionista.  It’s also worth noting that whilst the designer Natalee Oodles does make ‘regular’ jewellery such as pendants and bracelets, she tends to specialise in more exotic scripted collars, cuffs, anklets and body chains, all beautifully delicate and feminine.

MadPeas - Noodles interior

The store itself is small but beautifully laid out, with a stripped wood interior.  Products are clearly displayed and there is always a great range of options of colours and metal finishes.  Luckily for people like me, Natalee also offers fatpacks of her items, so I don’t have to dither all day trying to decide between silver and gold!  Toward the back of the store is a gorgeous range of sandals which are perfect for the summer months and well worth checking out.  And also at the back of the store is a great range of gacha machines – enough to keep most gacha addicts happy!


Fortunately, Natalee has found the time to design and create a fabulous prize for The Interview 2 side quest, the two fantastic rings pictured above. Not only that, but she has also created the gorgeous earring and septum set below, especially for our newest game, the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior!  We are so proud to feature her products and they are always very popular – I’m sure you can see why!


So why not try the games – you can play The Interview until 31 August and Inca starts on 21 August –  or hurry down to Noodles main store to see what’s on offer?  Just pick me up a nice bowl of Pad Thai on the way back…? 😉


You can find out more here:



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