It’s time!

You’re about to get the call you’ve been waiting for. Yes, Goliathus Society has picked YOU to be short-listed for another round of Interviews!  I was lucky enough to get to go early and it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Fingers crossed Goliathus give me the job; otherwise, it’s delivering for Pea-za Hut for me!.

Why would you want to put yourself through all this again, you might ask? Well, apart from the great dental plan and insurance policy that goes with working for Goliathus, there are several other things to look forward to:

Achievements! Yes, you’ve heard us talking about them and you might even have gotten your very first at the Mad Monster Mountain. (If you haven’t, you’ve got until the end of today to get that one before it’s gone!) But what do they really mean?

Every achievement gives you points and points mean REWARDS! That’s right Peas, not only will levels be coming into the achievement system but soon you’ll be seeing new titles, prizes, competitions and all sorts of fun things arriving to make it even more amazing! Do you think YOU are the best Pea of them all, the one Pea to rule them all? Well you’ll be able to keep track and to live up to your legume legacy using the leaderboard!

Currently there are 275 points possible for our Peas and the more you get, the more you’ll be rewarded in the future!  There is something satisfying about seeing the chat pop up with a witty title and the icon appear above your head and the good news is, some achievements are shared! All the more reason to team up on those harder puzzles.


The new party function is something that will test your teamwork abilities to the max! The system itself is really easy to use and awesome for partners, friends or strangers that want to take on a challenge and you can read more about how to use it here.

My partner and I were more than happy to try and tackle it together and found ourselves laughing, crying and throwing things in equal measures! Calls of “Over here…no…over there!” echoing out as we battled through puzzles that tested us and brought out our competitive sides. We were quick to discover any coins you spend to skip rooms or get clues come from all the party and if you don’t have enough you get left behind! So make sure you stock up on your coins in the reception before you head in! Silver bugs are shared and so are keys for the new gold side quests, but everything else needs an eagle eye within your team to help spot it!

I haven’t forgotten to mention prizes! The list of designers who have been added to the Interview is absolutely awesome, you can get a preview of the newer prizes here. If you have a gold hud you can collect these through additional keys that are hidden throughout the hotel that will give you access to more doors and more information!

That’s right, you’ll be able to find out more about what’s really going on with this secretive society. Keep your eyes peeled for clues that will reveal who they are and what they’re up to!

It’s your turn to answer the call and put your wits to the test, but if you need something to help your nerves you can head over to our main store and find a strange poster just inside the door to the right. Yes, the legendary Pea Pool party happened last night and SOMEONE was out to ruin it! Find out who and you can get an exclusive prize! If Pizza P.I isn’t your thing, then you can get one last ride on Mad Monster Mountain before it closes tomorrow and get take some snaps for souvenirs. We’d love to see them in our Flickr pool!

The doors have opened and you’ll be able to play The Interview until August the 31th, we can’t wait to welcome you to the newest MadPea game!



You can find out more about the Interview here:

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