You’ve leveled up! Welcome to MadPea Achievements

Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you live for achievements? Even if you’ve only ever really cared about achievements when you get a power treat in Candy Crush then the new MadPea achievement culmination is for you!

Those of you who went to the  event and rode the amazing Mad Monster Mountain might have noticed a little special something when you were dumped out at the end. Did you think that it was nothing spectacular? Well boy were you wrong! In fact that was the very first of the MadPea achievement badges that has been released! If you haven’t gotten it yet don’t worry! There’s still time! The SL13B event ends July 3rd at noon…(which just so HAPPENS to coincide with the opening of the brand new relaunch of The Interview II!)…so you have a couple more days to go and experience this amazing ride AND pick up the first achievement badge!

SL13B SecondLife's a Bowl of MadPeas

These achievements are connected to your user account and will stay with your avatar as you work through various MadPea events! Whether it’s our interactive games, ExPEAditions, Group contests or giveaways, or even Facebook promotions you never know when you might gain another one…two…or ten!

While you might be wondering “so what?” you have no idea the new avenues that this opens for you in the future whether it’s awesome exclusive prizes, raffle giveaways, or being able to use these achievements for rare treats that might come along! Not to mention, your name on the brand new Leaderboard a.k.a  “Wall of Badass PEAple” (hey, it’s a work in progress!) Which will gain you notoriety all throughout SecondLife. (Well, at least to those that matter!)

Remember…the more ways you are part of the MadPea community and participate in MadPea events, the more achievements you are likely to gain! These will definitely pay off in the future so keep your eyes open and come jump into the Madness and earn those badges!!

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