Introducing The Interview Party System

Last week we announced some upcoming changes to The Interview. There are several new and exciting features coming up including new prizes and a new side quest. One of the major changes that we have been designing behind-the-scenes for several months is the optional Party System add-on.


We know from feedback we get consistently from our players that the vast majority enjoy the games the most when they can play with friends and family and the party system add-on is designed to encourage group play and enable friends to play together even in single player instances. Progress is shared amongst the party…so if you’re struggling with a puzzle why not group up with some friends and solve it together.  This functionality brings MMO group/party function to Second Life and MadPea Games!

  • The add-on is only available to Gold Pass players i.e you must own the gold level hud prior to purchasing the add-on.
  • You can only invite other players to party with you if they also own a gold player hud. 

Before you do anything else, if you are already a gold hud owner you will need to attach your hud to automatically receive an upgrade to your standard gold hud, as long as you are at a MadPea sim. The party system will only work with the new version of the hud. If you have a bronze or silver hud  but would like to use the party system you will first need to upgrade, using the upgrade vendor at the game start or at the MadPea Mainstore to a gold hud.


Here’s a walkthrough of how the new hud looks with the party system activated and how to set up and disband your parties.

When you first wear your new hud with add-on it will like this. The party system icon is the ‘3 people’ on the far right of your hud.

party function 1

To start a team click on the party icon and you will receive a drop down menu where you can click the create button to start your team. You will then be prompted to give your team a super cool name and receive a confirmation when your team is set up and ready to rock!


party system 2

party function 3

party function 4

Congratulations you have a team but at the moment you’re the only person in it! To invite other players you must be at game start zone or at the reception of the manor building at The Interview. click on the party system icon and choose invite. The hud will then scan the local area for players who are not already in a team.  If no players not already in a team are found you will get a message saying so. If there are players to invite you will get a drop down menu to confirm that you wish to invite them to your team.

party system 5

party function 6

8 shot

The player receiving the invite gets the following drop down menu to confirm that they want to join your team.



You can invite up to 4 other players to your team.

If you leave a team your progress is recorded from the time you left the team and your team mates can continue on without you or with a replacement party member.

How do you leave a team?

  • If you are the owner of the team you will need to remove the other players from the team first until it’s just you left in the party. You can then use the quit option to disband the team.
  • If you are a player in someone else’s team you can just remove yourself from the team.

All of these hours of fun, gaming and shared experience that this add-on will bring to our games  will be available for only 99L$ from 3rd July when we re-launch The Interview.


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