The Interview – Full Prize List – Round 2!

We’ve published so many updates to information over the last week or so regarding prizes for The Interview, which re-launches today, I thought it would be a good idea to pull that all together for you so you can see exactly what you’re playing for!

First of all there are 3 playing levels to The Interview as listed below:




MadPea Souvenir

No Prizes


MadPea Souvenir plus:

Junk_MadPea_Interview_Ad_Silver_1024 GCG Bust Madpea Ad mycroft basic promo ad Sway's [Puzzle] Frames - Silver prize MadPea - The Interview NOMAD - Musical Clowns - SILVER PRIZE Silver Dragonfly Soy prize Silver - square BALACLAVA_SilverPrize GB_Silver _HEXtraordinary_ Mysterious Keys PosterEX MACHINA - SSA surveillance console

IMAN PURSE SILVER PRIZEcb3fd9c32c91a1b6f0d6b175e5008f88 teefy logo



Junk_MadPea_Interview_Ad_Gold_1024 Prototype Goggles Madpea Ad Sway's [Puzzle] Pouf - Gold prize MadPea - The Interview NOMAD - Cymbal Monkey - GOLDEN PRIZE Gold Dragonfly Soy prize Gold - square BALACLAVA_GoldPrize GB_Gold _HEXtraordinary_ Hand of Glory Postermycroft DELUXE promo adVACHE BAG GOLD PRIZEEX MACHINA - SSA surveillance table

cb3fd9c32c91a1b6f0d6b175e5008f88 teefy logoFrayed Knot Chalkboard CS Coffee Break - Set Madpea Skin PixelMode_Vendor_GoldrPrize_SevantsBellKit (1) SPELLBOUND TEMPLE OF ILLUMINATION DOUBLE AD AssassinationkitAD1024 Noodles-MoonstoneCarbonRing

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kinks says:

    Why would people play the game again to get some of the same prizes as last time?


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