2 New Bosses at The Interview

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It’s all change at The Interview! The game is closed for a couple of days and when we re-open on the 3rd July you’ll find new quests, prizes and locations to head to and achievements to be gained! More to come on  the blog over the next few days so keep an eye out!

Sadly, The Interview says goodbye to 2 of the amazing first round locations and vendors. Fancy Decor and Jian won’t be in ‘Part 2’ due to previous commitments. We, at MadPea, cannot thank them enough for being part of this amazing process and for being just brilliant to work with. We hope to work with both stores again in the future.

The good news is that we have 2 new brilliant stores taking part in the second interview and new prizes up for grabs! The 2 new stores are Ex Machina and David Heather. and here’s a sneak peek at their prizes!

EX MACHINA - SSA surveillance table

EX MACHINA - SSA surveillance console



The Interview Part 2 Opens on the 3rd July – Can you pass the Second Interview????


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