Forget ‘Moves Like Jagger’ you can now have ‘Moves With Swagger’:Everything you need to know about SwagBag

SwagBagLogo Horizontal 300x1000

Okay…so the headline might be a bit cheesy but the SwagBag is anything BUT! A lot of people have been asking “What on earth is SwagBag?”. Well, to answer that question you must first agree to the terms! The first rule of SwagBag…is there IS NO SWAGBAG! Just kidding, that only applies to Fight Club and what happens in Vegas! Now, to get down to brass tacks or in this case golden cuff-links (or whatever the most up-to-date ‘must have’ item in Second Life for men might be!) But I digress…

SwagBag is brought to you by MadPea and is a collaboration with fifteen of the grids top designers for male items! We all know that there is no shortage of events and special treats geared towards women but it was time that men had something all their own! Enter…SwagBag.


From clothing, to hair, tattoos, accessories, decor, and all the best high-tech ‘manly’ items SwagBag is your one-stop-shop for every man on the go in Second Life! Every month you can stock up the best new swag across the grid for one low amazing price of $1500L! When you purchase your subscription it can be for one month or more! (There -are- discounts when purchasing multiple months) Each month will have its own unique theme that will be announced before the vendors open for said month and each theme will definitely be something that you’ll want to possess! For the grand launch of SwagBag the theme is Heroes and Villains so you will -NOT- want to miss out on this initial round!

SwagBag August Theme 2048

Signing up is the easiest part! While there will be vendors at the various stores involved, the best way is to head to MadPea’s Mad City and the SwagBag Headquarters.


Once there…it’s a breeze to stroll up to one of the vendors and purchase your subscription! Then, all you have to do is wait. The first of every month you will be receiving your very own stellar crate of male-only items that will get you set up to rule the grid like boss that you are!


Want to gift a subscription to someone? That’s no problem! The SwagBag Credit Card is being introduced too! Forget Visa…never leave home without THIS. It works just like a gift card but is a pimped out version that is exclusive only to the SwagBag vendors. Purchase one of these for that special guy in your life then just pass it along to them and nudge them towards the vendors. Easy as that! SwagBag makes an amazing gift and your guy will feel pampered and primal with their crate of goodies!


While you’re at the Headquarters make sure you join the group to keep up with the latest information on SwagBag, current give-aways, and opportunities to be part of this premier experience. You can also check out SwagBag’s own personal blog and make sure and Like the Facebook page and SwagBag’s Flickr. All of these things will get your name in the hat for future give-aways and promotions!





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