You Made the Shortlist! Time to Prepare for the second Interview!

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The Interview launched in early April 2016 and the applications came in thick and fast! We’ve all spent the last 2 months working our way through the ultimate assessment day with puzzles and games all designed to find the ultimate applicant for the job every one wants!

Now we have big news on changes to the game, new puzzles and new prizes! There’s a lot of information in this job specification so grab your CV, pen and paper and read though the exciting enhancements coming your way!

Group Interviews are more fun! aka as The Party System

We’re introducing a brand new concept to our games. We know people like to play our games with friends. Now you can party up with your buddies into a group to solve puzzles as a team. More heads are better than one right? Buy the party system add-on to the Gold HUD package and find out!


The Key to the Executive Restrooms! aka as The New Gold Quest

We’ve added a brand new quest with 7 new locations and prizes into the relaunch of The Interview.  Watch out for more details of the stores and info on how to play the new quest.

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Two New Stores and Locations

We’ve got two brand new stores taking part in the gridwide part of the game. Ex-Machina and David Heather. Keep a close eye for details of their prizes coming soon. We say a massive thank you and au revoir to Fancy Decor and Jian for the relaunch…MadPea appreciates the wonderful work they did and support for the game from them and we’re looking forward to working with both stores again in the future. You still have time to get the prizes from these stores if you act fast!

Then I Saw Her Face…Now I’m an Achiever!

We’re introducing a fun new element to our games for all those achievement fans out there. You can gain achievements in the relaunched Interview and keep track of them online. See who gets most achievements and strive for to attain your favourites!

Upgrade Vendors

I bought the silver hud but now I really want to play all these cool gold hud features…can I upgrade to gold? YES! YES YOU CAN! We’ve listened to your feedback and designed an upgrade vendor system so instead of having to buy the gold hud outright you can now just pay the price difference between the two and get the gold features.


There is so much more information to come about all of these new elements and enhancements and we will be releasing detailed information over the next few days but here’s the really important information you need to know immediately:

  • On June 30th we will be closing The Interview for a few days to complete the upgrades on the game.
  • On July 3rd the new improved and even more awesome game will reopen
  • If you have already played The Interview, at any hud level, your game will be reset.
  • You will not lose any unspent gold coins
  • Upgrade vendors are available now so if you played at bronze and silver level and plan to upgrade do so now and you will still get the prizes from the two stores that won’t be in the new version (Fancy Decor and Jian)
  • You will need to complete the game again to get the new prizes from Ex Machina and David Heather once we reopen on the 3rd July.

Upgrade vendors can be found at our mainstore and in game at MadPea and MadPea Base. 

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