Communipea spotlight : Mad Memories.


MadPea is about more than our great games and gachas, it’s about -you!- That’s right, our Peas make us what we are today and each and every one of you is amazing in your own way.

I wanted to hear from some you on your best moments and thoughts on MadPea and the response I got was fantastic! After hours of sifting through all your wonderful memories I pinned down four of our Peas to find out a little more.

Maia, Sammy, Jessie and Hackett have been Peas for a long time and have been involved in a lot of the MadPea events and games. I was really excited to speak to them all and find out a little more about what really sticks in their minds from their MadPea experiences;

‘It’s tough to choose just one favorite moment as I’ve had a lot of awesome experiences as an active Pea when I wasn’t too busy then with RL. There were hunts I enjoyed doing on my own or with my hunt buddy (and created YouTube video/s for too), the time my voice was used for a Pea they aptly named Maia, some MadPea get togethers I attended, Inca Warrior Trek photo contest I joined (ended up as an ‘honorable mention’), but one of the most cherished memories was when I entered the Holiday Poetry contest while half awake and won 2nd place. I was so sleepy and it’s late from where I am. I was about to log out when MadPea’s notification for the contest popped up, reminding members that it’s the last day of submission for the entries. I sprang back to life and Pea brain started working its magic. I began constructing my words with ease that I produced a poetic love story fit for a Frozen sequel in matter of minutes. This topped my favorites because it’s all me. My emotions, thoughts, and the fact that I simply want to share a part of me to a community where friendships and happy memories were built and are constantly made, is priceless.’ – Maia.

‘My favorite memory would have to be the first MadPea hunt I participated in. The Dark Dimension in October 2013. I loved the immersion in the hunt was fantastic, and being able to do part of the quest, then have to do the second half of the quest on the main sim’s ghost town was perfect. Just being able to relax and walk around while not hunting was great too. Unia was fun for the same reasons, but my favorite still has to be the Haunted Hunt.’ – Sammy.

‘For me it has to be the day I discovered MadPea games (buried) the gameplay and hunt was awesome and since then im a fish on a MadPea hook… digging up that poor soul was at the time the most fun I’d had in ages and meeting some cool peas along the way was a huge bonus, but my all time fav has to be the day I got the cardboard submarine!!! Oh I nearly forgot the Unia chickens they are not as friendly as they seem and dying the first time made me loose bladder function!’ – Hackett.

‘I loved Mad City. The final hours of it stay with me, the water rising, the party, the sheer exhilaration of sharing the sad but also incredibly exciting moment of the whole city going underwater with all the other Peas. It Marked the end of an Era… I do so miss that place …..’ – Jessie.

You can check out Maia’s poem and all of the brilliant entries from the 2013 contest here & Hackett’s awesome picture of his submarine is our cover. There are still some of Second Life that have never had a MadPea experience! So, what would your advice be to someone thinking of trying one of our games for the first time?

‘Not really advice, more encouragement for them to open their minds more to what makes them excited in such games and not really think of just the prize. don’t get me wrong though, prizes are sweet and they are a form of motivation. but there will always be those who would only do something for what they can get in the end (the material side of it), so if there will be stuff that isn’t much to their liking, it boils down to spoiling the essence of the game itself just because they don’t like what they are supposed to win. for the most part, I’m in these hunts for the experience. I love the mind games. the positive kind hehe riddles, mysteries, solving cases, these types. MadPea comes up with all sorts that would make you excited on what to do next, how to think carefully and effectively, and it is sure to give you that sense of accomplishment in the end. I try to encourage people to give MadPea hunts a shot and just enjoy every moment… even with the occasional crocodile chomps and murder mysteries haunting your sleep.’ – Maia.

‘Know your PC. Sometimes sims can get extremely full and laggy. If you PC lags now and then, adjust what time of day or night you will go on the hunts because new games are very full the first few weeks. Know what sort of experience you want. If you don’t mind lots of people, then you won’t find any shortage of other participants running around. If you want a more immersive experience, you can wait until the hype of a new hunt dies down a bit before doing the games. This also helps if you want to figure out all of the puzzles by yourself, and not have people gathered around a clue chatting. If you do not want answers spoiled, keep chat closed.’ – Sammy.

‘First don’t be scared to ask the “peas” for help, always trust your gut haha, and just jump in with both feet. When you get to a “tricky” puzzle don’t over think it and keep plodding on. Oh! and never ever ever trust in innocent looking chickens…’ – Hackett.

‘My advice to anyone new thinking about playing a pea game is this…. ‘Just Do It!’ Never be afraid to try something once. One never knows about what adventures they can participate in until they try ! ‘ – Jessie.

That was some great advice guys! We’ve heard about your favourite memories, but what is your overall favourite thing about MadPea?

‘I would say, one favorite thing would be meeting people from all over the world, sharing the same interests in these kinds of games, and making friends along the way. I like the interaction and whenever we help each other out during those times we get stuck in a certain task. suddenly you find yourself giving secret handshakes and silly nods as you go along in a hunt!’ – Maia.

‘The ability to immerse yourself in the stories. There are plenty of hunts in SL that draw people in for the prizes, but my favorite part of the MadPea hunts are the stories that are written within the hunts.’ – Sammy.

‘Where to start, I just love everything from the visuals to the immersive content, the thought that goes into each game/event really shines through and lets be honest the prizes who doesn’t just love the prizes! I love that MadPea games really does cater for everyone bronze to gold huds everyone can get in on the game. I especially like the stuff in store and at events like the arcade MadPea pull out all the stops which for me is cool as I like to use props in pictures.’ – Hackett.

‘The community spirit of the games and group make MadPea what they are. Everyone wants to contribute to your success. That’s what makes it work so well in my opinion. ‘ – Jessie.

I couldn’t agree more! Every game is different and tries new things to improve the experience for our Peas, but what would you like to see more of in MadPea & any final thoughts?

‘Aside from wanting to see more hunts? This is the main thing I always look forward to in MadPea. gathering the community for parties/dancing to celebrate successful projects they already do quite frequently, which is great because the more you get to meet the rest of the players. plus, they’re on the roll making all these merchandise that helps introduce who they are and what they are all about, in a way, especially to would-be MadPea members. It’s all about fun and excitement here and it keeps getting better and better each time. I’d love to see more of the surprises they have in store for us in these cool games they meticulously put together and they never fail with that, which is why I’m still a fan!’ – Maia.

‘Private puzzle rooms. This worked very well with Unia, where most of the time only one person could be in a puzzle room at a time, so that you had time to do the puzzle unspoiled, and figure things out yourself. But when there is such heavy traffic, you might be waiting around for an open room for a long time.’ – Sammy.

‘Just more of the same, in my opinion MadPea offer us something that is so different to stuff already in world, I love the way fun games and great content are combined with a hunt whether its for loot or clues, I’m a prolific sim hopper and playing MadPea games has shown me some really cool stores/sims to mooch around, and not forgetting the social side I’ve met some awesome people while enjoying MadPea games.’ – Hackett.

‘I loved the Inca hunt because it was so very immersive. All hunts have games as such, the interview but the Inca really did push ones mind that bit further I felt. I’d love to see more of that. Its actually not about the prizes for me when playing the hunts. I love the taking part. The sims you use, the art you create within your scenarios and just simply the way your delicious minds all come together to create these fantastic things so often. For that alone I salute you all :)’ – Jessie.

That was an amazing window into the brains of four of our super Peas, is there something you’d like to see more of? You can head to our main store and pop your thoughts in our suggestions box. I’d like to finish this post with my favourite video by Maia of the first Inca game which is making its return in a revamped version in August!




Special thanks to Jessie Dannitza, Maia007 Resident, hackett01 & SneakySam Slingshot for sharing their thoughts and memories.

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