The Ghost Town – The Prizes

The Ghost Town is our latest game, commissioned by the Firestorm Project and placed on the Firestorm Gateway sims. The game is specifically designed to help new residents in Second Life become more familiar with their viewers and how to use them and demonstrated the depth of user-created content available on the grid.

We approached SL Creators and Designers to provide prizes and rewards for those new residents and have been delighted with the response and prizes up for grabs.

The game launched yesterday and here’s a round up of the prizes on offer!

L&B Survivor Moto Womens Advert L&B Survivor Moto Mens Advert ghosttownad2048 Ruffle Dress1024x1024 Marco Jeans1024x1024 Elin Jacket 1024x1024 zs Tentacle mask Ghost town pic - 1024 x 1024 WarBug Ghost Town Prize Poster Sn@tch Blossom Kimono Dress Darks Vendor Ad LG slippers box Pose O'Clock - FS poster Madpea Bloody Main LD - ELEMENTAL WISP AVATAR - Ghost Town Spirit 1024 LD - Ghostly Typing Overwriter - Ghost Town Bonus 1024 Gamera and Book Gost Town firestorm_newbie_pack 1024x1024 Deerstalker Caps Bryn-Oh-logo-new Bryn Oh's Rabbit mask BP. Brain tank banana costume box FS awaken dress ad 1024 awaken add 1024 applefall_ghosthunt_1024 15858035198_9a1bfbc26f_o 2014 teddy avatar [e] Nevaeh Ad [Deadwool] Hugo shirt - bloody [Deadwool] Bowler hat - bloody !TLB - Dark Soul Necklace 1024























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