MadPea and Firestorm Join Forces to Help New Residents

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MadPea & Firestorm join forces to lead the way in Community Gateways

MadPea Productions has been leading the way in providing immersive and interactive games in Second Life and over recent years they have gone from strength to strength.

Their latest game The Peatonville Asylum is proving to be their most popular yet and attracting more and more residents to the joy of Second Life game playing with layered narrative storylines, puzzles and challenging adventure elements. MadPea’s UNIA was ground-breaking at launch using new tools from Linden Labs to provide a first person, interactive, survival game within the Second Life grid after 2 years in development.

MadPea has produced almost 70 games and we’re delighted to be teaming up with Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm team on their project to produce a Community Gateway for new residents to Second Life. Community Gateways will provide a rich, learning environment for new residents. Showing them how to use their viewers, how to interact, how to develop as an avatar and, with MadPea’s help…how to play games and have an amazing SL experience.


MadPea will be providing Firestorm will some of our vintage games for new residents to play free of charge. Being able to play our games should help residents improve their viewer use skills, help them interact with other new residents, realise the potential for communities within Second Life  and in the future they may wish to come and play our newer games too.

Kiana Writer, Queen Pea of MadPea says ‘We are all very excited about the opportunity of working with Jessica and her team and waving the flag for what is achievable for user created content on the grid. There’s a huge learning curve when you enter SL for the first time and we believe Firestorm, along with their partners, are best placed to help guide new users through that arc’’

For more information about this, or anything to do with MadPea Games please contact Kess Crystal, Marketing & PR Director, in world or email


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  1. Vivian Sargent says:

    Details on the vintage games???? Does this mean I can play the ones I missed?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MadPea says:

      HI Vivian – the exact details will be announced soon – keep an eye on Firestorm and MadPea group notices and here on the blog to be in the know first!


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