“INCA”: Week Two!

Greetings, Peas!

“Inca” has now been live for two weeks, and we are so pleased to see many of you exploring the caves and treading carefully as you make your way to Ruminahui’s treasure. Some of you have survived the various creatures, traps and puzzles that come along with the game, found the treasure and even escaped with additional fine spoils. Others, well… at least you have until November 2nd, right?!

We ourselves have found some gems – in our MadPea Games Flickr group, specifically. And we share those gems with you!

Inca Week 2.jpg

TOP: Damon Frost

MIDDLE LEFT: Taleah Mcmahon

MIDDLE RIGHT: Johanna Frost

BOTTOM LEFT: B. Lockhearst

BOTTOM RIGHT: Shiva Swords

We’d love to see your images as well, so make sure to add captures of your own “Inca” action to the aforementioned Flickr group. Yours may very well end up here in a Madpea blog post!

If you still have not started this treacherous journey for treasure but want to, visit our mainstore. There, you will find the game HUD – there’s only ONE HUD for “The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” – and “Inca” decorative items, such as the statues and crypt pictured in the above pictures. You  may also visit any of the 15 prize vendor stores to purchase the HUD!

Tune in next week for even more amazing pictures from our amazing cave-roaming Peas (READ: you)!

Good luck, and may Inti be with you!



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