Meet The Interview prize designer: Intrigue Co.



With The Interview closing today its only right that we should end our final designer feature in a castle.  But I’m not here to save a Princess or to slay a Dragon, I’m here to show you the wonderful world of Intrigue Co.


When you first land you’ll find yourself high on an outcrop the proudly thrusts into a cheerful landscape of rolling hills and jaunty mushrooms.  An assorted rainbow of gacha machines tempts you closer with Intrigue’s trademark plushies and more, something you’ll be very familiar with if you grace the well worn promenade of The Arcade!



If you can tear yourself away from the adorable “Cubimals” and “Sprout Pets” and enter over the moat you’ll find yourself in a store that is packed to the gills with beautiful, quirky items that will have you hooked!  Established in May 2009, by Katharine McGinnis Intrigue Co. has something for everyone and doesn’t limit itself to one genre!  There is delectable decor, irresistible outfits and enchanting accessories for every occasion!  From Doorbells to desks, ridable Guinea pigs to retro glasses I guarantee you’ll leave the store with something that will make your life that little bit brighter!

Silver Dragonfly

Intrigue Co. made two beautiful necklaces for The Interview, one for the silver prize and another for the gold.   They are detailed, stylish and go with any outfit from a casual t-shirt to a suit in preparation of your Interview!

Gold Dragonfly

You have until midnight on August the 31st to come and get these lovely prizes from The Interview, so ride your unicorn or wrestle a dragon to make sure you get here and don’t miss out!



You can find out more here:

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