Meet the prize designers: Pixel Mode

Being a big Downton Abbey fan, I was terribly excited with one of our prizes for The Interview 2 – a gorgeous servant’s bell set from Pixel Mode.  Exquisitely detailed, it made me come over all ‘Lady Mary’, and provided the perfect motivation for me to get off my behind and complete the game.  As you will see from the picture below, you can even customise the nameplates so you can summon anyone at will!

PixelMode_Vendor_GoldrPrize_SevantsBellKit (1)

Exquisite detail is a feature of all of Pixel Mode creator Tya Fallingbridge’s work, which you will see when you hop down to the store.  There are three main sections and a garden clustered around a prettily designed courtyard, and each section offers a different range of furnishings and home accessories.

MadPeas - PM exterior

The garden section offers a range of gorgeous benches, gazebos and tables perfect for a summer setting.  The indoor furnishings are also incredibly varied, including a number of sumptuous and beautifully textured beds.  The animations in this furniture is also top-quality, as you would expect from a hugely popular designer who has been in business since 2004.  And when you visit, be sure to check out some of Tya’s fabulous builds – houses, buildings and skyboxes for the most discerning customers – you won’t be disappointed.

MadPeas - PM interior

So why not have a look at the store and prepare to be impressed?  As for me, I’m gasping for a cup of tea, so please excuse me while I ring for my butler Carson….  😉


You can find out more here:







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