Meet the prize designer: Come Soon Poses.

From the moment you land on the quaint weathered dock at Come Soon Poses, you know this is not your normal shopping experience! Craggy snowcapped mountains cut the skyline and draw your eyes past the stately mature trees, up the verdant hill side to a hint of castle ruins atop the stony rise.  You can’t help but whistle a classic movie tune as your feet guide up up the well-trod country road.

Peppered along the path you’ll find a plethora of gorgeous gachas to give you a taster of what is to come, the machines are filled with some of the most varied poses on the market:  from traditional to modern styles; for couples, groups, families, children, adults, and singles; for all sorts of fun from sports, fantasy, weddings, BDSM, and oh so much more!


Come Soon Poses isn’t your ordinary pose store… they don’t just make static poses like most places… at Come Soon Poses you are emerged in an interactive scene that will enhance your SL photography style! From “Bad Boyfriend” to “Brooklyn;” “Apocalypse Zombie” series to “The Asylum” you not only get 1st class scenery but you also get the accessories you need to make your photo’s GREAT!!

You can see just what we mean with the amazing prizes Come Soon Poses have made for us for The Interview and The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior!

CS Coffee Break - Set

The Coffee Break Set is one of the amazing prizes from The Interview and has three couples poses but more than that… the WHOLE scene is included!  Yes, the walls, desk, chair, rug…everything in the picture is IN the scene even the props!  Come Soon Poses go above and beyond with their pose sets and make sure you’ve got everything you need for the perfect photo.

The Come Soon Poses prize for Inca is exceptional as well, not satisfied with everything you’ve plundered from Devils Cave?  Well, you can take another prize too with this pose!  Grab your girl or guy and haul them off with this awesome scene, trees, temple pieces, torches and more included!  Not only that but wearable props like the coinbag and arrow!

_CS_ Stolen Treasure

You can also find Come Soon Poses as one of our phenomenal current designers in SwagBag, the perfect gift for that man in your life!

Are you afraid of the dark?  Well don’t be at Come Soon Poses!  At the end of the road is a dark dank cave… step through the entrance and on the other side you’ll find pose paradise where hundreds of special poses wait for YOU!  Inside the lavish store you’ll find everything you need for beautiful photos or if you have a certain someone in your life that loves SL photography too?  Get them a Gift Card and you can go shopping together! Happy snapping!




You can find out more here:


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