MadPea’s Second Collection for September Arcade: Look Inside!

Just four days ago, we revealed only one of our two sets for this upcoming round of the Arcade. Truly, “upcoming” doesn’t do justice to the urgency of its debut; Arcade opens in not EVEN three days!

A few questions for you:

Do you like Pumpkins?
Do you like Party Pumpkins?
Do you like Pimpin’ Party Pumpkins?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you’re more than just a fan of alliteration. You’re also sure to be a fan of our second gacha collection for the September round of Arcade, aptly titled “Pimpin’ Party Pumpkins.”

Pimpin' Party Pumpkins DoublePoster 4096x2048

Get solid pumpkins, striped pumpkins, whimsical pumpkins, polka-dotted pumpkins, OH MY! Better yet, score the crystal ball from the “Little Shop of Nightmares” gacha, peer deeply into its core and ask just why the Creepy pumpkin can’t seem to break his creepy stare, and what dastardly plans the Evil pumpkin has for you once you close your eyes to sleep!

Or you could simply sit and behold the wonder of pumpkins that are both pimpin’ and complete party ani… pumpkins!

Whether you choose to simply enjoy these as decor, make a stylish porch-pumpkin family or endeavor to understand their crabby grimaces, you don’t have very long to decide!

Now that you have seen both our sets for Arcade, we can also reveal that we will be holding contests during the month of September for our Arcade collections. We’d reveal the prizes now, but that would just kill the surprise! However, follow us at ALL the medias to catch the announcements for these contests and other need-to-know information!

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