Final notice for The Interview

Have you met Aiden?  He works all hours of the day dutifully manning the Reception desk of Goliathus Manor and has some urgent news for new guests and old alike!

At Midnight on Wednesday the 31st of August, The Interview will finish.

So if you haven’t had chance to complete your Interview or have yet to start it, do it now!  Remember, using the party add on to play in a group will make it quicker and if you get stuck you can always as in MadPea chat for help.  Throughout The Interview you’ll earn achievement points which add up to rewards!  If you haven’t been yet, head to our main store and see the 500 point reward you can pick up with a 750 and 1000 point reward coming in the future too!  Once The Interview is gone, you’ll never be able to get those achievements and points again so don’t miss out!

Make sure you collect all the glyphs and bugs in each room to be able to get the silver and gold prizes and don’t forget the extra gold side quest keys which are hidden all over the Manor! Watch our Prize Showcase video to see the goodies you could get your hands on if you survive…er…complete your Interview!  You can find all the links you need to help you on your way at the bottom of this post.


Now, back to Aiden.  He also loves long walks along the beach, hiding corpses and reading the Guestbooks!  Here are some of his favorite entries so far;

Bellerella: I would highly recommend this hotel to others. Amenities were perfect, bathrooms were clean. No bed bugs or roaches anywhere. The restaurant could stay open a bit longer in the evenings.

Misscyanide Sweetwater: What a wonderful time here at the hotel minus the loud banging I heard from the neighboring room!

Trinity Yazimoto: well, that was my second time here, and i adored it. room was perfect, employees a bit weird but still polite, and well, next time is it possible to get breakfast a bit later and also have croissants?

Jukeli: This lobby looks wonderful, but I am concerned what kind of “morning after” the lady on the floor behind the bar desk will have..

Aiden always cackles when he reads the last one, there is something not quite right there…But here are some of my personal favourites.

Jam Schism: I totally just popped my MadPea virginity and I’m so happy I did. Provided hours of fun, story and decor incredible and the prizes are awesome too. Thank you so much

Coyote Katscher: End of another excellent MadPea Game. This has to be the most challenging game yet. I have never had to do so much research or keep notes for each level for a MadPea game. Was tons of fun and can’t wait until the next one! Thanks for everything!

Holtaan: Once more, a terrific experience, I’m still in the incredible mood that surrounded me all over the game…Thanks to the MadPea team and all the fellow Peas.

Come do The Interview to understand what these lovely Peas are talking about! Its a once in a Second Lifetime experience you won’t forget, Aiden will be waiting for you…



You can find out more here:






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