Meet the prize designers: Sway’s

Sometimes a store makes you feel like a child again, piggy-bank clenched in a grubby little fist, wide-eyed and full of excitement at the prospective shopping adventure.  That’s a bit like it feels when entering Sway’s, the fabulous furnishing and accessory shop for “home, hobby and more”.  The creative genius behind this excitement is Sway Dench, who has been selling in Second Life since 2007.

MadPeas - Sway's exterior

On entering Sway’s, you are warned that the store is undergoing a refurbishment, but I honestly couldn’t find a sofa-foot out of place.  The sim is bright and colourful, with quaint buildings nestled among beautifully manicured gardens.  And it’s worth exploring.  Follow the pretty paths around the buildings and you will find all sorts of treats waiting to be discovered.

MadPeas - Sway's interior

Inside, the store is spacious and well laid out, with items arranged on beautifully styled demonstration podiums or clearly posted up on the walls.  But when you visit I would strongly recommend exploring the outside too.  How else would you find a whole garden of gacha machines just waiting to be plundered?

MadPeas - Gacha Garden

Sway’s style is also bright and uncluttered, with  a modern European vibe that would suit any home.  The quality of her texturing is obvious – as are the poses scripted into the larger pieces – and her funky sense of humour shines through her designs.

MadPeas have been tremendously fortunate that Sway Dench has had the time to design prizes for BOTH The Interview and our new game, Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.  For The Interview, Sway has given us a gorgeous bright puzzle-piece picture frame for Silver HUD winners, and for Gold HUD winners we have these gorgeous funky puzzle-piece pouffes, shown below!

Sway's [Puzzle] Frames - Silver prize  MadPea - The Interview

Sway's [Puzzle] Pouf - Gold prize  MadPea - The Interview

And for Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, clever Sway has designed this beautiful Incan-themed decorative mask and handy stool – every home should have one!

Sway's [Quilla] Mask & Stool 3_2 (mp)

So hurry down to Sway’s and see what other fabulous items are on offer.  Just don’t forget your piggy-bank!


You can find out more here:





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