Meet the Interview prize designers: Balaclava!!

I love a good spree.  You know those occasions where you have a bit of time and a few lindens and absolutely nothing better to do than indulge yourself?  Just like avocados, lazy Sunday brunches and Kylie Minogue, you don’t HAVE to have them in your life, but they make the world a little bit better when you do… 😉

Balaclava!! is the perfect shop for a spree.  It’s the kind of place where you find all sorts of things you never knew you needed and the most perfect place to find a gift for the avatar who has everything.  Gorgeous gauzy curtain room dividers, lawn mowers and jet-packs all vie for your attention.  And a working dartboard you can attach your own photos to – how hilarious is that?!  Creator Uriah Eulenberg is surely the original mad genius!

MadPeas - Balaclava!! exterior

The store itself is set on a quiet little island sim away from the usual hubbub of shopping malls.  It’s set around a little lagoon where you can paddleboard with your friends or zip round trying to torpedo each other on the cute little gunboats you can rez.  The store has an industrial vibe, practical, spacious yet with a new treat around every corner.

MadPeas - Balaclava!! interior

We are so lucky that Uriah has designed some items especially for The Interview prizes.  Samples are proudly displayed in front of the store, and the quality of these pieces and his attention to detail are beautifully obvious.  Should you be clever enough to complete the game with the Silver HUD, you will have access to the fabulous Interview Desk and Chair set, pictured below.  Ridiculously low in prims, the chair is even animated with 12 sits, so you can squirm your way through your own interview if you choose!


If you pass all the tests with the Gold HUD, you will also be able to pick up this stunning Slide Projector set.  What isn’t clear from the picture below is that this comes with a DIY slide kit that allows you to create your own slide shows!  What better way to wow your friends with your latest holiday snaps?  And all thanks to Balaclava!!


We love Balaclava!! so much that we are teaming up with them again for October’s SwagBag.  We are so excited to have them on board for that!

So don’t forget, the next time you are in the mood for a spree, check out the store.  Full details are below.  Just don’t tell Kylie.


You can find out more here:




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