“INCA”: Week One!

Greetings, Peas!

Today marks a week since the launch of our newest game, “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.” Have you been? If not, two things: 1) FOR SHAME!! and 2) you’ll most likely want to after seeing how much fun…and danger…and stylish cave-conquering gear… are to be had!

Peep some of these amazing captures. And if you decide, “Hey, I want to get in on THAT action,” venture to our mainstore (or to any of the 15 prize vendor stores) and grab yourself a HUD!

And please add your pictures to the MadPea Games Flickr group. We’d love to see the madness you and the Inca caves will create together. Who knows, your submission to that group may appear in one of these weekly roundups of Inca goodness!

Enough of my chattiness. (Chatty Kathy, much?) Take a gander at these!

Gui Andretti

Zeke Jestyr

badzboyy davis

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    Ooooo can’t wait to get started


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