Little Shop of Nightmares: Coming to the Arcade on September 1st!

Dearest Peas:

You didn’t think, in the midst of all the Inca madness, that we’d forgotten about the upcoming round of the Arcade, did you? Well, we haven’t and are surely glad to present our September lineup for Arcade! Come September 1st, you can have your own Little Shop of Nightmares!

Little Shop of Nightmares DoublePoster 4096x2048

There are 14 commons and one rare. AND on your 25th pull, you’ll be rewarded with Flesh Eater Senior. Remember, Senior is exclusive to Arcade and will NOT be available after it ends!

In true MadPea fashion, there’s much more than meets the eye:

Mr. Eldritch’s Little Shop of Nightmares is notorious for its collection of curiosities and oddities. The collector himself, Mr. Eldritch, was a peculiar old man, with a passion for mysterious artifacts. He was hungry for cursed items with a dark past and he enjoyed the ominous aura around them.

Unfortunately Mr Eldritch recently passed away under stranger circumstances. His Little Shop of Nightmares and all of his collected items are now left up for auction.

Each item comes with a little story, describing the circumstances under which Mr. Eldritch or the respective donor procured the item. Some even describe the, let’s say, “peculiar” features of the items.

Perhaps, if you are lucky to get hold of certain items, you will soon be discovering an underlying mystery…

The only way to know for sure is to be ready to furiously double-click on your LMs to the Arcade as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the first of September!

(NOTE: This is the first of our TWO Arcade collections! The second one shall be revealed shortly, so stay tuned!)


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