Why pay to play?


With the release of our latest game, The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, we’ve had a couple people ask us why they should pay for our game.  Once upon a time I might even have wondered myself at the price of a hud, but that was before I sat and thought about it and long before I really got to understand how much goes into making a MadPea game.

So, I want to share some inside knowledge, give you a peek behind the scenes and talk about why purchasing a game in Second Life is a great thing to do!  Lets see if I can’t convince anyone on the fence about purchasing The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior and show them its not only worth it, but its a steal!



What goes into a game?

A lot of people don’t realize how much time, effort and work goes into making one of the MadPea experiences, so here are some fun facts about The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior for you to get your teeth into.

  • Over 88 unique mesh items were made for Inca, from temples to puzzle doors and deadly caves. Each item went through a rigorous research, design and approval process focused on trying to keep the theme and look of a real Incan civilization balanced with the MadPea style.
  • Over 105 different scripts with over 23245 lines of code from achievements and flowing blood to all the things that attempted to eat, chomp or squish you were made. The scripting team tirelessly tried to make sure the player got submerged into the game and perplexed by puzzles, bringing the concepts to life and helping to make our experience as challenging and magical as possible.
  • A full sim is used for our game which had to be empty for over 4 months to build and prepare the game. Server space is also rented to allow for our scripts and achievement system and leaderboard website.
  • Over 42 landscaping items purchased to build the beautiful scenery of Inca in addition to those made by the MadPea Crew, giving back to the Second Life economy and showcasing some of the phenomenal decor creators out there.
  • 95 different promotional posts, articles, radio drops, competitions and notices on more than 5 platforms were published. Our Community and Marketing team worked hard to get the word out about Inca and to keep the community informed, letting them see behind the scenes as well as giving out 10 free game huds with some really amazing competitions to get our community involved and their creative juices flowing.
  • Our graphics team made more than 13 posters, 4 loading screens, 26 clue screens and over 38 hand drawn textures for Inca.
  •  Over 96 designers in Second Life were visited so that we could have 15 sensational prizes as well as commissioning 2 exclusive outfits for Inca.
  • It took 7 designers, 5 scripters, 3 marketing assistants, 3 community and customer service managers, 1 videographer, 1 CEO and 15 Moderators (and test bunnies!) to make The Lost Treasure of the Inca warrior. In total they devoted more than 29 meetings and over 4880 hours to build this experience.

But what about after the game release? Well, it doesn’t end there for MadPea. Our community and marketing team will keep writing, photographing, posting and running competitions about Inca throughout its lifetime. Our Moderators devote well over 50 hours a week to looking after our chat channel and game areas and helping Peas with their issues. On top of that any problem that comes up will be dealt with by the team responsible for the item, be it a script stopping working or an item being bugged and we are always looking to tweak and optimize the game to make it the best experience possible, even after its release.



Why so expensive?

Contrary to what some might believe, none of our team are getting rich enough to roll around nude in a pile of linden dollar bills from our games.  In fact, we mostly work out of passion for what we do and the need to share that with other people.  But we do have to eat and the Crew pay for the variety of software they use, the servers and more.  It also costs us to upload items, textures, custom sounds and a plethora of other things to do with creating on such a large scale.

When you buy our game huds you don’t just get the game we worked so long and hard to build.  You get 15 prizes and 2 exclusive outfits and that’s 59L per item, but what if you just want the game and not the prizes?  Well, the items are just a perk to Inca, what we’re actually selling is an experience.

Our game hud costs $L1000.  That’s $3.87 in USD, which is £2.93, $5.00 in CAD or €3.42 ..  What else could you do with that?

  • In Colorado you could buy half a cinema ticket to watch the new Ghostbusters movie…that’s 58 minutes of your life you’ll never get back!
  • A small Poutine in Calgary if you like your chips dripping in cheese and gravy.
  • A Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey from Amazon.com, because everyone deserves a squealing primate to fling at their other half or neighbors.
  • 7.32% of a new release game on Steam, or one android/apple game.
  • A coke at a nice sidewalk cafe in Madrid. 
  • 7 plays on an arcade machine in New York, Donkey Kong anyone?
  • Or One ticket to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia.


In Second life, you could buy a small campfire, or a shotgun, a shoutcast server for a month or a rare penguin avatar for when you’re feeling a little bit happy feet!

No matter if you’re saving up for that inflatable hippo for the pool or the newest pair of shoes, how you want to spend your hard earned cash is down to you just the same as what we choose to spend our time and money on is our choice too.  My point here is what MadPea is selling isn’t just a game, its an experience and to me, 7 hours of laughter with my friends or 5 hours of forgetting the world around me while I solve deadly puzzles is worth more than a 20oz latte, its priceless.


Why aren’t you giving back to the Second Life Community and Peas?

We are and do.  MadPea is really passionate about giving back to both Second Life and to charity.  In September of 2015 MadPea ran a celebrity auction to raise money for Live and Learn in Kenya, in a little over 48 hours, with the help of 65 Second Life Celebrities, 22 Entertainers and Live Performers, Hosts and more the MadPea Celebrity Auction raised a grand total of LS1,667,762.

For Second Lifes 13th Birthday celebration MadPea built a whole ride to celebrate all that is Second Life and to showcase some of the amazing games and experiences we’ve been able to create thanks to this brilliant platform.  It was free to ride and a total hoot, you can see a video of it below from our Youtube channel.

If you keep up to date on our group notices you’ll regularly see free gifts, competitions, events and parties for our Peas.  We love to see the creativity of our lovely legumes and to give them great gifts, be it novelty slippers, water guns or a talking crab!

We also built the Ghost Town game in collaboration with Firestorm Viewer to help new players just getting started to experience the fun of Second Life and for older players too!  Its totally free and gives you everything you’d expect from MadPea and more, even prizes!


Second Life isn’t just a place we work or build, its where we live and we’re all very much part of the community.  MadPea have been running ExPEAditions from our Travel Agency at Mad City for several months now.  We take a group of our intrepid Peas to explore another part of Second Life that isn’t made by MadPea, be it a game, an instillation by a virtual artist or a beautiful scenic sim and we aim to make it even more fun with our own communication devices and occasional hunts.  We want to show the community all the wonders of the pixel paradise that is Second Life and get to get to know our Peas as well.  You can check out the write ups of some of our previous ExPEAditions here on the blog, its totally free and if you fancy coming along, keep an eye on the group notices for when our next adventure will be announced!


Still not convinced?

Well, I’d like to think I could talk the birds out of the trees and sell ice to Eskimos, but its possible that you still aren’t convinced.  If you don’t have time to have an SL job and don’t like to bring lindens into Second Life, or you have 12 children and a Llama to support, we understand that too.  So here are some great suggestions for free things to do and see in Second Life.

  • Ghost town by MadPea. 

    • We teamed up with Firestorm to bring you a free game that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing on end!
  • Ironwood hills.
    • A haunting post-apocalypse sim ravaged by time and nature, perfect for exploration and photography.
  • Invictus.
    • An amazing art installation based on the poem “Invictus” by English poet William Ernest Henley. Brought to life by Storm Septimus.


We hope that no matter what you do in Second Life, you have a great time doing it.  We want to thank every single person that has purchased our game and in doing so supported MadPea, helping us be able to keep making great experiences, events and games now and in the future for you all to enjoy.





You can find out more here:


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