Meet The Interview prize designer: Frayed Knot.


At the end of your rope? Feeling the hangman’s noose of frantic shopping tightening around your neck? You look and look and LOOK and STILL can’t find that special certain something that you need in your Second life? Have no fear…Frayed Knot is here!

The pixel sky is the limit on what you’ll find at the Frayed Knots inworld and marketplace stores. There is LOADS of variety from home furnishings, deco, garden items and more! Why there’s even a London-style telephone booth you can keep in your pocket just in case you need to make an emergency call!

Frayed Knot has a classy, urban vintage feel and makes low prim mesh items to maximize your Second Life pleasure. The Frayed Knot store is just currently moving into a new store* so keep coming by and check out what’s new as they fill it up, but never fear, their awesome gacha machines are out in store to feed your addiction to their beautiful designs!


As part of The Interview Frayed Knot made a beautiful chalkboard prize that is only 2 prims and has 5 textures!  Its perfect for a roleplay scenario or a cool urban loft and more!

Frayed Knot Chalkboard

If you’d like to see all the the fantastic designs of Frayed Knot you can check out their inworld store here or their Marketplace here.


*Since this post was published, Frayed Knot has moved to a lovely new store!  All links are updated to take you to their new location.


You can find out more here:




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