“INCA”: Even More Prizes Inside!

It’s been so long since our last prize reveal – a whopping FIVE days, even! – that I bet you thought we’d forgotten about finishing what we started. But rest assured, we hope this blog post will sate your desire for more prize-teasing! We’ve got three goodies to reveal today, and they consist of ones from theSkinnery, Boudoir and Kalopsia!

Methinks it impossible to properly show off your cave-scaling ways without an equally wild, full-body tattoo to match. So theSkinnery offers up this one:

[theSkinnery] The Jaguar Warrior (Omega Applier & Tattoos) Ad

Once you escape from “The Devil’s Cave,” you’ll be one rich man or woman! And if anyone ever doubts it, you can smugly direct their attention to the seat of riches beneath you, thanks to Boudoir:

Wearable Treasure Pile

Finally, you will have worked up quite the appetite by the time you escape “The Devil’s Cave.” Luckily for you, Kalopsia has made a beautiful pile of plates and bowls! Unluckily for you, however, these are strictly decorative and much too sacred for common food! Sorry!

Kalopsia - Remnants of Qosqo

That’s some fine loot, isn’t it? But, believe it or not, you still haven’t seen all there is! Our fifth and final reveal will debut next, and with it will be the GABRIEL, Legal Insanity and Mori prizes. Don’t miss it, Peas!

For your enjoyment during the wait:

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