Meet The Interview prize designers: Plastik

What do you get if you take a Second Life store, add two drops of Alice in Wonderland, mix it with a pinch of Lord of the Rings, stir in a splash of Avatar and dust the whole lot with a generous sprinkle of Willow?  Why, you get Plastik!

MadPeas - Plastik exterior

Plastik owner Vae (Aikea Reiko) has created a verdant fantasy land around her store, which perfectly offsets her fantastical creations.  Here you will find a whimsical range of high quality jewellery, skins, makeup, accessories and female clothing perfect for enhancing a costume, roleplaying or just for those who like to mix it up occasionally!

MadPeas - Plastik interior

Luckily for us, Vae has taken the same fantastically imaginative approach and applied it to creating two amazing prizes, available to everyone who undertakes The Interview side quest!  Pictured below, the first prize is an awesome bloody skin, fabulously detailed and complete with appliers for all the main mesh bodies (tip: you may want to wear this when you play our next game – The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior – because that is going to get messy!).

Madpea Skin

But that isn’t all – ohhh no!  Our fabulous Plastik owner has ALSO created the deliciously gruesome Cleaver set!  This is a range of specially designed mesh jewellery complete with the hand-held cleaver in the picture above as well as pendants (3 lengths), earrings, and rings for either hand.  The cleverest thing about the whole set is that is comes with a HUD which allows you to select how bloody you want your jewellery to go – from sparkling clean to full-blown gore-fest!

MadPeas - Plastik Cleaver


You can find out more here:

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