Meet The Interview prize designers: junk.

So I’m English and, with apologies to the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Mesopotamians, etc., etc., we practically invented old stuff.  That is probably why I love junk. so much.  Selling a range of top-quality original mesh furniture, buildings, décor and what my mother calls ‘knick-knacks’, Tab Tatham’s amazing sim is THE place to go for shabby chic.

MadPeas - junk entrance

The store itself is a gorgeous, sprawling island which shows off Tab’s creativity as much as the products.  It’s set on a whole sim, so when you visit give yourself enough time to poke around!  You can also regularly find junk. at a number of prestigious shopping events such as Liaison Collaborative, Uber, TMD and Fifty Linden Fridays, details of which are helpfully provided at the main landing spot.

MadPeas - junk interior

junk. hasn’t let us down on The Interview prizes either.  For those successful applicants with Silver HUDs, we have an elegant and practical lobby ashtray (hey!  Interviews are stressful!).  Our talented Gold HUD winners will find their efforts rewarded by this trim and stylish wooden writing/filing cabinet.



So, if you haven’t finished The Interview yet, what on earth are you waiting for?!


You can find out more here:

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