Meet The Interview Prize Designer: BAMSE.


Do you have a pesky zombie infestation you need to clear up? Blood sucking vampires ruining your midnight strolls?  Feeling the need for a custom made piece of jewelry or just have a hankering for rainbow colored gummy bears in your life? Then BAMSE belongs at the top of your shopping list!

Whether your a Secret Agent Archer fending off blondes with one hand and doling out bloody justice with the other or a forest fae looking for something to wear in your hair to the next woodland counsel, BAMSE is a “don’t miss” for you!


In the game of Life, looks are always deceiving!  Located at the top of a musty old turn-of-the-century industrial clocktower (that’s LAST century for all the young’uns out there!), BAMSE is a tiny little shop that will make a big impact in your SL life!  Stuffed to the rafters with an incongruous assortment of imagination-stirring oddities, BAMSE’s offering will delight and charm you.  You’ll find yourself returning again and again to find just the perfect weapon for divesting yourself and your wee Alpine town of that pesky night avian or to quench a sudden desire for just a bit more whimsy in your day!


And for you Gacha lovers, always seeking something new and unique, BAMSE is a dream come true!  Climb the rusty corrugated metal stairs to the Gacha Gallery above and make those machines sing!  From Unicorn Couches and Silent Assassin gear, to Riot Shields and Belonging Bracelets, you’ll always find something to inspire and delight you!


Answering the call of the Goliathus Society for your Interview can be both mysterious and dangerous, but BAMSE has you covered with their amazing prize!  An assassination kit, perfect for making sure that the interviewee before you never answers the call…or any call ever again!


So hang the BAMSE heavens around your neck, stuff a Vampire Slayer in your pocket, and head off to enjoy another awesome day in your Second Life knowing you always have BAMSE to come home to!



You can find out more here:

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