“INCA” GIVEAWAY #4: Most Adventurous Story Contest!

Our ongoing photo contest – which is accepting entries until 12pm on the 19th, by the way! – asked for visual proof of your fearless self. And we are definitely seeing what an adventurous bunch you are! We just can’t get enough. That’s where our final HUD giveaway for the “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” comes in!

We want to hear about your adventures! Tell us about that time you did something incredibly risky or uncommon. Whether you’ve followed through on a peculiar dare in a game of “Truth or Dare” or walked a tightrope above a pit of ravenous alligators, we are all ears!

We will – perhaps smartly – assume that you did live to tell about these feats, and we urge you to do just that! Not only will your friends gaze at you in near worship and amazement, you might be one of the THREE winners to score a pretty swell kit with which to start your “Inca” adventure. Valued at 1000L, it will include the game HUD and an outfit with accessories that are just dandy for you, the adventurer type!

As stated before, this is our last giveaway! However, it’s not the only one accepting submissions. Our Flickr photo contest continues, and it will also see three winners. That’s SIX HUD packages we have yet to award, so be sure to enter one – or better yet, BOTH – of these contests!

1. You may submit your entry at one of two places: 1) the Facebook post OR 2) the Flickr post.
2. References to adult-rated behavior/products is not allowed!
3. MadPea and SwagBag employees may not enter the contest.


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