“INCA” Prize Reveal #3! GOOSE, Never Totally Dead and Noodles!

Greetings, you Mad Peas!

We hope you haven’t had enough of our gradual teasing of the “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” prizes. Why? Because we’ve got three more prize previews to throw at you today! Survive the “Inca” caves, and you’ll enjoy them all!

First up are Goose’s adorable round poufs, which include 30 sits altogether:
GOOSE - round pouf 512











Secondly, Never Totally Dead offers this proud and elegant gate:

And finally, you can decorate yourself with this especially apt and lovely earring/septum set from Noodles:

How’s about that? An interior decor item, an exterior decor item and a wearable set in one post! We hope you are as excited about these prizes as we are to see you win them. As with this one and the ones before them, you do NOT want to miss the next two prize reveals!

As always, we’ve plenty of information and fun for you to enjoy this week before the “Inca” launch!

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