Announcing THREE More Prizes for “Inca”!

Today, we have three more prize reveals for you! In other words, we’re providing three more reasons to risk life and limb to enter the hair-raising caves of the upcoming “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” game!

Below you’ll find amazing prizes from Come Soon Poses, White Widow and Sway’s. Throw your mate over your shoulder with Come Soon’s endearing couple pose, and look good while doing it with the help of White Widow’s fine tattoo! Then, commemorate all of the “Inca” fun times with the quite fitting decor items from Sway’s!

_CS_ Stolen Treasure

White Widow - Signs

Sway's [Quilla] Mask & Stool 3_2 (mp)

So far, you’ve seen less than half of the prizes promised to you upon escape from the caves. There are nine treasures you haven’t yet seen, so make sure to watch for those reveals!

While you wait, learn more about “Inca” and about these fabulous designers:

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