Meet the Interview prize creators: LaViere and Tee*fy

I have a small confession to make, but we are all friends here, right?  I LOVED LaViere and Tee*fy long before the Interview game had even started, so this post might be a little bit biased…

Some of you may also know the brand from high-profile shopping events, so we are very proud to have them on board!  So when I first found out that they were one of our fabulous game vendors, I could barely contain my excitement and used the game as a great excuse to update myself with everything they have to offer at their main store.

MadPeas Teefy Store

The shop itself is a pale confection of a place.  A single story building, the products are beautifully displayed like bright jewels against white walls and bleached wood flooring.  And there is no way to avoid it, most of the items – dresses and skirts, tops and pants, jackets and even shoes – are unashamedly pretty and feminine.

MadPeas Teefy Store Inside

The range is huge and fantastic quality.  You won’t find many established avatars without at least one piece in their inventory and, despite the majority of items being made for women, there are enough unisex accessories to make it worth a look for guys too.  Fortunately, our wonderful vendor Azure Electricteeth has given us a chance to sample that with a cool unisex pendant especially created as a Silver HUD prize for the Interview.

MadPeas L&T Silver

Let’s not forget the hair.  LaViere and Tee*fy cleverly entice you with a range of mouthwatering colours and, if you have never tried their hair, you now have an excellent opportunity.  Azure has offered up ‘Ashley’, a brilliant unisex updo, for all our Gold HUD game winners.  It comes in a range of five colours to suit any mood or outfit.

Thanks Azure!

MadPeas L&T Gold


You can find out more here:

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