Inca Golden Coins are available!



BUY THEM HEREIncaGoldCoin 1024.jpgAre you ready for hours and hours of fun in our new interactive and immersive adventure game?

The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will be launched on August 21st at 12pm SLT.

However…  we have 20 Inca Golden Keys available on the Marketplace that guarantee lag free play time with early access, exclusive goodies and much much more! 

The Inca Golden Coins are early access passes to the upcoming MadPea game Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior with lots of goodies!

There are only 20 available in total! They are tradeable and re-sellable and can be only purchased at the Marketplace.

Please note that the access opens to the Golden Coin owners August 20th at 12pm SLT and you have 24 hours of lag-free and exclusive playtime before anyone else.

What you get with the VIP Golden Coin:

24 hours exclusive game play

Personal guidance by Queen Pea Kiana Writer & MadPea Crew

Exclusive Group VIP Peas with help from the staff & chat with other Golden Coin holders

HUD Package to the game including:







Priviledge to have first grabs of the Inca Mystery Gacha!

Bragging rights for being the first to gain new achievements and leveling up!

AdventurersOutfit 1024

About the Golden Coin:

“Congratulations to you, the lucky owner of this Inca Golden Coin, from Queen Pea! I shake you warmly by the hand! Tremendous things are in store for you! A Golden Coin is the pass that allows you to get into MadPea’s new game “The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” 24 hours earlier than the official opening on August 21st, 2016 – you and 19 others who are lucky enough to be in possession of my Golden Coins!

I, Queen Pea Kiana Writer, will be there to meet you on August 20th, 2016 at 12pm SLT, giving you a HUD Package and helping you to get started!  You will have the bragging rights to explore the new game before anyone else and earn amazing achievements and prizes!

In your wildest dreams you could not imagine such things could happen to you in this game! Just wait and see! And now, here are your instructions: the day I have chosen you must be online and send me an instant message so that I can teleport you to the secret game start location. Don’t be late! And you are allowed to, in case you really need to, give this Golden Coin to someone who wants it even more, or even re-sell it. One more thing – be certain to have this Golden Coin with you, otherwise you will not be admitted. I look forward to seeing you then!”

The Exclusive prizes to The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior are provided by:


About the Story:

Ancient Incan stories whisper of a hidden cave in the remote mountains of Ecuador where a vault lay sheltered from the light of day, untouched for centuries. According to legend, the vault is filled with precious gems and unimaginable treasures that are ripe for the taking. Previous explorers have left a map that leads to the place the locals call “The Devil’s Cave”. Scribbled on the back of the map are notes citing encounters with horrific creatures and deadly traps that guard the cave. Many who have tried to find the treasure returned with terrible injuries, missing limbs, and some never returned at all. However, not everyone is so unfortunate, and that is why we’re offering you the chance of a lifetime.

MadPea Cartographers have deciphered the cryptic treasure map for you. This will not be an easy task, but if you survive and unlock the ancient Incan vault, you will be generously rewarded. Ready for a Treasure Hunt of a lifetime!?

If you’re feeling adventurous, pack your bags and journey to The Devil’s Cave!

Watch the trailer here! 


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