Meet The Interview prize designers: Fishy Strawberry


Tucked away in a quaint cul de sac, where the cobblestone sidewalks are lined with fenced Aspens and stone flower boxes, you will find Fishy Strawberry, a modest yet impressive boutique owned and operated by Fae Eriksen.  It looks tiny from the outside but inside it just goes on and on and on!


Started in 2008, Fishy Strawberry caters to the ladies of SL designing a range of clothing from casual, everyday wear with just a dash of sass to office and evening wear that ooze class.  The prices are great for any pocketbook, but if you’re strapped for cash check out the Outlet and get more bang for your buck!



Check out the awesome Interview prizes Fishy Strawberry has created just for you!  Both the silver and gold prize come with a male and female version and SO many customization options you could wear this every day for a month and look different each day!   Show your style with the Mycroft jackets, they are definite “must haves” for any well dressed avatar in SL this fall!


mycroft DELUXE promo admycroft basic promo ad


You can currently find Fishy Strawberry at Uber, The Dressing Room and Fameshed and you can stay in the know for all new items and updates by putting the Fishy Strawberry blog on your favorites list and checking out their facebook & flickr pages as well!




You can find out more here:


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