“INCA” GIVEAWAY #3: Caption Contest!

Greetings, Peas!

As part of our initiation process, we dared one of our new Marketing Assistants, AmaryllisOona, to venture into the caves and to come out the way she went in – in one piece. When we asked her to send us a picture of her adventures, she sent the following picture:


Her face says it all, doesn’t it? Poor Ama!

We have laughed and come up with some wild things to say about this hilarious photo, but now we want to see how YOU would caption it! On August 13th, we’ll pick and announce the most liked caption! The winning captioner will receive the “Inca” HUD package, which as you know by now, contains the only HUD you need to play the game and also includes the outfit, boots and accessories shown here.

As a reminder, winners of every contest, including this one, will receive their HUD packages once they touch the game vendor during or after Inca’s launch.

– You may submit up to THREE caption entries.
– Submit your captions to this post ONLY!
– In the event of a tie, MadPea will break said tie.
– References to adult-rated behavior/products is not allowed!
– MadPea and SwagBag employees may not enter the contest.

With that said, let’s enjoy captioning Ama’s bad luck!

(P.S. Don’t forget; we’re also holding a Flickr photo contest! Submissions are due by 12pm on August 19th. Please see this post for details!)

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