“INCA” GIVEAWAY #2: Photo Contest!

Do you survey cold, dank caves for fun? Are you willing to test out the theory that you only need curl up in the fetal position to curb an angry bear’s desire to maim you? Is it a habit of yours to poke beehives “for the lolz”?

We dare you to show us! For our second giveaway, we are having a photo contest! We believe you’re enough of an adventurer to, at the very least, enter the cave. But we want to see HOW much of an adventurer you are!

As this contest is a bit more involved than the Like and Share contest, we won’t select or announce winners until AUGUST 19th, 11 days from the date of this post. Additionally, there will be THREE winners for this contest!

1. Submit your photo to the MadPea Flickr group.
2. Your submission must be new, as in created BY YOU and JUST for this contest. But you may submit the photo to other Flickr groups!
3. You may submit no more than THREE photo entries.
4. Name your submission “INCA Photo Contest – Photo #1: (SL Username).” Use “#2” or “#3” if and when appropriate. Entries that do not follow this naming convention will not be counted.
5. No nudity or adult-rated behavior or products are allowed!
6. MadPea and SwagBag employees may not enter the contest.
7. Editing via Photoshop, Gimp or any other graphics program is permitted.
8. A minimum of FIVE people must enter the contest, or it will be canceled.

That’s it! We look forward to seeing the daring side of our beloved Peas!

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