Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior – Get ready for a wild Adventure!

We listened to the enormous feedback we received and are so excited to bring back one of our most loved games in the MadPea History – The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior! 

The Game will return on the 21st of August (20th August for early access, more info coming soon!) bigger and better than before in 2013! More puzzles, more deadly traps and hours and hours of fun! In addition, we have a huge surprise for you, but we will save that a bit closer to the launch.


How the story goes…

Deep in central Ecuador lies a fabulous hoard of Inca treasures in the form of golden plates, cups, bowls and idols, chalices inlaid with precious emeralds, slabs of pure gold and leather casks filled with jewels. The treasures are supposedly hidden deep within the Llanganati mountain range of Ecuador by the Inca Warrior Ruminahui.

The legend holds that the Inca Warrior was on his way to Cajamarca with an enormous amount of worked gold for the ransom when he learned that king Atahualpa had been murdered. The amount of gold varies with different versions of the legend, but all agree that on the news of Atahualpa’s death, he returned to Quito and hauled the treasure up into the Llanganatis mountains. There he hid it, either in a cave, or by throwing it into a lake. Ruminahui continued fighting against the Spanish and died in the fight.

The location of this ancient cache was known to a certain Juan Valverde, a Spaniard who had married an Inca Indian’s daughter from whom he had learned the secret. For many years Valverde disappeared with his two brothers, Felipe and Diego for rather lengthy periods and after each return displayed ever-increasing signs of wealth. Juan Valverde eventually returned to Spain where he died during the 16th century. As a legacy to the King of Spain, he left a “derrotero”, or treasure map showing the route to this great treasure but none of the treasure seekers whom the king sent were able to find the hoard.

Ever since then in Ecuador, countless explorers have tried to find that Llanganati cave and have come back either empty-handed for not finding it, or the ones who have claimed to have found it, have returned with missing limbs saying they lost their crew to the evil that lay in the caves. Due to this the cave has been renamed as The Devil’s Cave.
We have the “derrotero” – the treasure map for you that will help you find the lost treasure of the famous Inca Warrior. Are you able to survive to tell the tale and come back with the riches?

AdventurersOutfit 1024


In this game there is only ONE HUD PACKAGE. The HUD is needed to play the game and receive the prizes.

The cost for the HUD Package is 1000L. 

As well as the awesome Adventure filled with danger and fun, you will receive a full Adventurer’s Outfit from Legal Insanity and accessories: Bow, quiver and torch. Boots are also included.



Upon completion you will receive exclusive prizes from the following vendors:

Stay tuned for HUD giveaways, contests, early access info and more. Detailed HOW TO PLAY will be published before the launch!

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