“INCA” GIVEAWAY #1:Like and Share Contest!

Yesterday, we revealed the official launch date of “The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” as August 21st, with Early Access the day before. We also promised you giveaways, so here we start:

Two lucky Peas will win a HUD package for “Inca,” valued at 1,000L! Remember, this package will include the HUD, a killer outfit from Legal Insanity (shown below), a bow, quiver and torch. You’ll even get a pair of boots for scaling that treacherous terrain of the cave! If you’ve noticed, we’ve used the word “HUD” and not “HUDs.” That’s because, instead of bronze, silver and gold HUDs as in previous games, there’s only one HUD for “Inca.” And it is the ONLY HUD you need to play and win the treasures of the game.

How to enter? Just like AND share this FB post, and tomorrow, we’ll gather names, place them into a very fancy hat (because that matters! Obviously!) and hopefully pull yours!

A NOTE: No winner is to receive the HUD before launch. At 12pm on August 21st, winners need only touch the vendor and the HUD package will be delivered to them!


AdventurersOutfit 1024


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