Meet the Interview Prize Creators: Soy


When you walk into Soy, you realize that you have stepped into an amazing sunlit warehouse of wonders that one must rummage through to make sure -NOT- to miss a single amazing item! From gachas to stellar furniture and decor Soy has something unique that can appeal to each and every person out there! There were so many items that it was hard for me to focus on which ones were my favorite!



Soy has been a staple in Second Life since 2014 and is owned by the amazingly creative Soyoy. They graciously paired up with MadPea to offer some of their unique touch to the Interview Prize list and those prizes are just an addictive taste of the treasures that you can find when roaming through Soy’s island oasis store!

12829440944_c5f0e2f5c8_o  soy logoSoy prize Silver - square

Soy prize Gold - square

The attention to detail in Soy’s creations make their furniture and decor some of the most sought after in all of Second Life and not only are the items in the store uniquely crafted, but the prizes for MadPea’s The Interview interactive game are some of the best you’ll find!


Teleport to Soy’s Mainstore!

Teleport to The Interview to play for these prizes!

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