Meet the Interview vendors – [ContraptioN]


A clock whirls above you as you enter, hours going by like seconds and the floor proudly boasts that you’re in the realms of ContraptioN. From mesmerizing music boxes to terrific trains, manic masks and sinister smiles ContraptioN has something for everything and is a feast for the eyes and mind from the very first moment inside its walls.

Established in August of 2011 the store has been a famous stop on the grid for mechanical curiosities, steampunk wonders and macabre masks ever since. Their inspiration is drawn from a love of antiques, Gothic literature and science fiction and their attention to detail to even the smallest part of one of their magical machines shows hours of dedication and passion.


But there is much more to these magnificent creations than just the aesthetic beauty! Within the melodies of Eckenfelds pieces, custom made for ContraptioN, and woven into Walton’s designs you are pulled along with the highs and lows of mysterious characters.  The names and descriptions of the contraptions give you hints and whispers of a story, a story that Walton, one of the owners of ContraptioN, has been working on over time and developing and that has leaked into their beautiful creations.


You might wonder if you’ll ever find out the end to this tale and if you ask Walton and Alushius they will be the first to tell you that everything is just a touch more fun with a little mystery! Your interpretation as you piece together the music and clues adds to the beautiful tapestry of the tales, but perhaps sometime in the future when all the threads are finally finished within the music it will be pulled together in a soundtrack and illustrations for everyone to see from start to end.

Snapshot_030 (2)

If you’ve played MadPeas games before, you’ll be familiar with the amazing prizes that ContraptioN make for us. Alushius and Waltons passion for puzzles, mystery and antique shine through, especially in their recent prizes for The Interview!



The majestic bust is perfect for any villains hideout, storing all your loot inside its hidden compartment or for a luxury condo to keep your family jewels and the goggles will give an air of scientific sophistication to any situation! You can see our video below for a close up of these amazing prizes and more in The Interview or head over to ContraptioNs store here to see all the wonderful creations that they have to offer.



You can find out more about the Interview here:

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