Meet The Interview Vendors – David Heather

david heather_005

Arriving at the David Heather sim is an experience in itself. You arrive in a dry, barren landscape sparsely dotted with dead trees towering over large sculptures buried into the alien panorama in front of you. There in the centre of the sim is the David Heather store, the contents of which are the polar opposite to the neutral browns, blacks and greys of the outside area.

david heather_001

The store interior is a contrast of black and white, with luxuriant black and gold furniture and seating areas to rest your pixels while perusing the rack upon rack of beautiful clothing. David Heather’s store description is:

David Heather offers you a wide range of elegant, luxe, and unique high fashion couture apparel, accessories, and gachas to set your avatar apart from the masses.

david heather_002

With offerings for both the male and female avatar the store is packed full of chic, stylish mesh clothing, beautifully displayed on for easy choice. Of course, demos are offered and I’ll admit to have trying quite a few while taking the pictures! Where David Heather really stands out is the accessories. There’s a large range of perfectly produced bags, handbags, clutches that are completely unisex matched up with rack upon rack of shoes for both male and female avatars.

david heather_004

The store itself is an experience. It’s exactly how you would expect a high-end fashion house visit to feel with opulent ambiance and beautiful items across the range from gachas to clothing.

David Heather joined The Interview Round 2 and has produced 2 amazing prizes for the game that are perfect to wear for any interview!



To get these, and the other stunning prizes up for grabs play The Interview today!

Get all the info you need about The Interview here:


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