Time for a Scavenger Hunt!:MadPea ExPEAdition this weekend at Junktown

exPEAdition Junktown 1024

It’s that time again! Another amazing ExPEAdition is just around the corner and this time we’re going back to basics! On Saturday July 23rd MadPea  will be packing up it’s awesome “PEAople” (see what we did there?) and setting off on another fun adventure to Junktown for a good ol’ fashion Scavenger Hunt. Yep…you heard us right! No hints…no Second Life hunting version…just a list with picture examples of what you need to find and an entire sim filled with post-apocalyptic/wasteland surprises and scenery in which to find it!

It’s like…Where’s Waldo…with crazy objects!

Not only do you get to explore an amazing sim, but you also get to complete this zany hunt for some super prizes! The first person to finish and grab everything will get a Grand Prize so you definitely want to try and be at the Travel Agency early as we’ll be setting off at noon SLT on Saturday and there IS a 20 avatar-at-a-time limit. Don’t worry though! EVERYONE that completes the hunt will be put into a pool though for another stellar huge prize AND receive an awesome exclusive prize upon completion of the hunt! While the Scavenger Hunt does start on Saturday at noon SLT it will be going all weekend so everyone can have a chance to participate and get their completion prizes and their names in for the prize pool!

We will also be introducing a fun new concept to our ExPEAditions that will help with communication and keep everyone on their toes!madpeaphone

This is a MadPea Group Only Scavenger Hunt so if your friends or family that haven’t joined want to tag along with you, make sure you get them in the group so they can participate! It’s free to join and definitely worth the space in their groups list because there’s always promotions and free gifts that are group exclusive!


Teleport to MadPea’s Travel Agency Where the Salvage Scavenger Hunt will begin

Click here to join the MadPea Group

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