Behind the scenes of Inca.

‘The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior’ is scheduled to be released in August and I can’t be more excited about it! It was a game that was previously out in 2013 and has proven to be one of MadPeas’ most popular games, so listening to our Peas we decided to revamp it and bring it back!

But of course, as with everything MadPea, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or predictable! Far from it, there will be new twists, turns and all new scenery and props! So how does the magic happen?



Behind the scenes on the MadPea islands is a creative frenzy with our Queen Pea in the middle directing it like a beautiful artistic orchestra. Meetings are held most days to check progress and to make sure that every detail is being tended to from the team of designers and the scripters to videos, the sound effects and the storyline. An island is dedicated to each project currently at MadPea and it’s amazing to see the concept art appear followed by intricate mesh creations before the scripters work their magic and make them move, explode, murder and more!


Every piece is approved by our creative director, Aaronax. This is the first project he’s been on as the director and how is he finding it? Well, he admits that it’s taking some getting used to but I think the amazing items that are being created speak for themselves! His eye for detail is brilliant and he’s careful to try to keep the style similar to historical items that were used by the Incans to make sure that the player will feel totally immersed once they step foot into the game. You can often find him knee deep in the cave system, pushing around boulders and setting up traps to trick the unwary traveler! He’s looking forward to the moment the project comes together, each lovingly created piece being put in its place and getting to see it all as a whole and I can’t wait either!

Once the design team have sculpted pixels into masterpieces, the scripting team get to doing their magic turning objects into murderous marvels or perplexing puzzles! What is Tangle, one of our scripter’s, favourite thing about working on Inca? That she gets to find so many ways to kill you all! This is the kind of evil genius that is working hard behind the scenes to make this new game fatally fun!

Get your adventurer’s hat ready for an epic odyssey in August with ‘The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.’ and for more previews check back on the blog regularly as we let you behind the scenes of our Mad world.



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