Meet The Interview Prize Creators – Ex Machina


With the release of the new round of The Interview, we’re stoked to dive back into the features on each and every one of our amazing collaborative partners in this venture! Without these elite places The Interview wouldn’t be what it is!

We’re starting out with Ex Machina which is a newcomer to the second round of The Interview and jumped in with both feet to help this experience along! Ex Machina is the creative lovechild of Hattie Panacek who is a long time builder, creator, and designer here in Second Life. After sitting down with Hattie it is truly apparent where she gets her inspiration and her love for her creations! This real life medieval art major wanted to translate her love of creative expression into something beautiful and unique for the Second Life community.

And she’s done just that!


Hattie got her start building castles in Second Life because it was something that always fascinated her. Now she makes these insanely detailed (and low prim!) creations that are inspired somewhere between Renaissance, Steampunk, and simple unique fantasy. Stepping into her stores is like stepping into a course on textures and thinking -outside- of the box. Not only are her items wonderfully done, but her buildings are some of the best textured – lowest prim across the grid!


When I asked what was her inspiration for the prizes she made for The Interview, her response was that it simply ‘felt’ like that’s what she should create. I have to say that personally, I am truly grateful for Hattie’s ‘feelings’ because the prizes she offered up are some of the coolest I’ve seen!

EX MACHINA - SSA surveillance consoleEX MACHINA - SSA surveillance table

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit Ex Machina and check out all the amazing decor and buildings that are offered there, make sure and head over! I know I am eagerly awaiting the next items that Hattie comes out with! If you would like to snatch up THESE brilliant prizes just head on over to The Interview and dive into MadPea’s most recent experience!


Teleport to The Interview and Play for These Prizes

Teleport to Ex Machina and check out the Store!

Check out Ex Machina on the Marketplace


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