MadPea’s Mad Monster Mountain Building Set

SL13B Destiation Guide Photo

Have you experienced the MadPea Mad Monster Mountain at SL13B? You know it’s one of the best experiences and now you can recreate a little bit of the magic at home with the Mad Monster Mountain building set from MadPea Design.

MadPea designers pulled out all the stops to produce an amazing experience and all the elements  were either made from scratch or from our many amazing and visually stunning games.

We’re now offering the opportunity to buy many of those elements individually or as a builders pack at our mainstore.

MadPea Amusement Park Ride Track & Cart MadPea Amusement Park Ride Rules MadPea Amusement Park Queue Start MadPea Amusement Park Queue Pavilion MadPea Amusement Park Info Monitor MadPea Amusement Park Height Requirement MadPea Amusement Park Full Pack MadPea Amusement Park Bench

Lots of people asked us to make this ride available as seen,  and the truth is we would love to,  but because of the complexity of how it’s set up we can’t a full working ride of sale. But, we are at least able to offer you the elements to put together so that you can make your own! Please read the instructions carefully, this a prop item sale and not a full working ride and it’s still awesome!

Visit our mainstore to pick up yours today!


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