Patriotic Peas & a Pool Party!

There are only three days left to get to the Arcade and grab your Mad Hot Summer Party 4th of July Reward hud!  If you haven’t seen the Summer Party set in all its glory yet, you can check it out at the Mad Park and poke the pinata for a delicious treat.  It comes in vivid party colours or with the ability to change it to stars and stripes when you get the reward hud and it puts the finishing touch to any event or party.  Come grab it before it’s too late and celebrate the holiday weekend in style, just like we are!

That’s right, this Saturday we’ll be hosting a Pea Pool Party over at the Mad City!  We’re going to have an exclusive hunt with an awesome prize, a live DJ and a competition running along with all the usual fun that comes with a Pea Party!  Meet your favourite Peas, make new friends and celebrate the July the 4th weekend with us.  Head on over on Saturday at 2PM SLT to make Mad memories and don’t forget your swim wear!



Arcade Gacha Reward Poster 1024Arcade Gacha Poster 1024

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